The Xootic magazine, which is filled with technical articles, is edited by the Magazine Committee (feel free to contact them if you’re interested in writing an article). Below is an archive of magazines published in the past. 

Magazine 8-3 (January 2001): Medical Image Analysis

  • Basic Image Analysis applied to the Visual Interaction Platform – Jean-Bernard Martens (PDF)
  • Developments in Biomedical Image Analysis – Bart M. ter Haar Romeny (PDF)
  • Quantification of Cytoskeletal deformation in Living Cells – Saskia van Engeland and Nico Kuijpers (PDF)
  • Semi-Automatic Shape Extraction from Tube-like Geometry – Jan Bruijns (PDF)
  • Virtual Reality in Medical Imaging for Image-Guided Surgery – Frans A. Gerritsen (PDF)

  • Magazine 10-5 (November 2003): Multidisciplinary Development

    • Software Engineers doing Hardware – Emile van Gerwen (PDF)
    • Designing across discipline borders: obstacle or option? – Kees van Overveld (PDF)
    • Some personal notes on multidisciplinary development – Ton Kostelijk (PDF)
    • The Multi-Disciplinary Aspect of System Development – Marcel Boosten (PDF)
    • The future of Embedded Systems – Wim Hendriksen (PDF)

    Complete magazine (PDF)

    Magazine 11-1 (July 2005): GIS & ASD

    • Automated Construction of Rectangular Cartograms – Marc van Kreveld, Bettina Speckmann (PDF)
    • Object-based updating of land-use maps of urban areas using satellite remote sensing – R.J. Dekker (PDF)
    • Analytical Software Design Case MagLev Stage Software Project for Philips Applied Technologies – Guy H. Broadfoot, George Kielty (PDF)

    Complete magazine (PDF)

    Magazine 11-2 (December 2005): TANGRAM

    • An introduction to TANGRAM – Edited by Michiel van Osch (PDF)
    • Test sequencing in a complexmanufacturing system – R. Boumen, I.S.M. de Jong, J.W.H. Vermunt, J.M. van de Mortel-Fronczak and J.E. Rooda (PDF)
    • Model-based testing with ? and TORX – Niels Braspenning, Asia van de Mortel-Fronczak, Koos Rooda (PDF)
    • A model-based approach to fault diagnosis of embedded systems – Jurryt Pietersma, Arjan J.C. van Gemund and Andre Bos (PDF)
    • A multidisciplinary model-based test and integration infrastructure – Will Denissen (PDF)

    Complete magazine (PDF)

    Magazine 12-1 (February 2007): Xootic Symposium 2006 Proceedings

    • Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Component-Based Software Development (CBSD) – Prof. Dr. Uwe Aßmann (PDF)
    • Certified Binaries for Software Components – Sagar Chaki, James Ivers, Kurt Wallnau (PDF)
    • Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD) – Scott W. Ambler (PDF)
    • Aspect Orientation Enables Differentiation with Software – Piërre van de Laar (PDF)

    Complete magazine (PDF)

    Magazine 13-1 (July 2008): Designing Deeply Embedded Systems

    • Designing and Programming Efficient Embedded Systems-on-Chip – Jeroen Leijten, Lex Augusteijn
    • Multicore/MPSOC Design and Convenient Concurrency – Steve Leibson
    • OOTIs contribute to the Daedalus systemlevel design framework – Dorieke Schipper, Andy Pimentel
    • Multi-Processor Programming for Embedded Systems – Andreas Hansson, Benny Åkesson

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