The Xootic board is helped by ad-hoc committees in order reach our goals.  Some committees have a more permanent form. The current board members and their responsible topics are:

Xootic Board:

Xootic Webmasters:

  • Colin Lambrechts (chair)
  • Mia Petkovic
  • Jonce Dimov
  • Gertjan Schouten

Xootic Cash Audit:

  • Koen Holtman
  • Colin Lambrechts

OOTI Room Representatives:

  • (2018) Anshal Joshi
  • (2018) Manu Agarwal

Xootic External Advisory Committee (EAC):

  • Koen Holtman
  • Bart Goldsteijn
  • Claudia Peter
  • Hristina Moneva