A trip to the Ardennes – June 2018

We had an amazing weekend experience at the Belgian Ardennes. Taking our cars we got there on a Friday night and prepared for a couple of days full of activities!
We rented bungalows at the Sunclass Holiday Park. These nice and little houses proved to be well equipped for our weekend adventure!

Saturday morning we went to the river at Bomal to pick up the kayaks. In groups of three, most of us navigated the river until Hamoir. The river was fast since it had rained the day before so it presented a bigger challenge than expected. Good thing that we were able to recover the energies invested with a super barbecue in the evening.

On Sunday we went back to Bomal in order to start a cycling track that would take us through the surrounding mountains. Not everyone managed to complete it, but it still was a hard challenge! Good thing that Bomal had a lovely market and a great variety of restaurants to choose the last supper before going back to NL.