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Lecture Event on Model Driven Engineering

Date & Location Tuesday 11 November 2014 @ ASML Building 7, De Run 6501, Veldhoven
Schedule 17:30 Welcome – featuring a mini-exposition of “30 years ASML” in building 7 at the reception
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Wilbert Alberts: The challenges in Applying  Model Based System  Engineering  at ASML
19:30 Markus Völter: DSLs – the state of the art in 2014
20:30 Informal drinks, giving you the chance to network with other Xootic members and discuss with the speakers
21:30 End
Abstract DSLs – the state of the art in 2014
Domain Specific Languages are an old idea: align a language with a
particular domain, and you get better expressiveness of the language
relative to that domain. You can write more concise, more analyzable
programs and also synthesize executable code. However, over the last
years, the tools for building DSLs have matured to the point where you
can build non-trivial languages, compose and extend them modularly,
and use diverse notations such as text, prose, tables, math and graphics,
all in a single model. In this talk I will provide a perspective on the state
of the art of DSLs in 2014, focussing mostly on our recent experience
with JetBrains MPS. The session will be a few slides, and mostly demos.
Bios Bio of Markus Völter:
Dr. Markus Völter is an authority in the field of Model Driven Engineering, Domain Specific Languages and Language Engineering. He is an often-asked speaker at various conferences such as Code Generation, EclipseCon, and SPLASH. He is also the author of the DSL Engineering book and one of the founders of mbeddr ( as well as the Software Engineering Radio podcast ( of Wilbert Alberts:
After an education in computer science, OOTI and a Phd, dr. ir. Wilbert Alberts PDEng started as an embedded software engineer at ASML. During his career at ASML, he gained practical experience in embedded software development. Wilbert has grown into the role of Software Architect and Team Leader of the Innovation Architects team. A team that is responsible for spotting innovations that can increase efficiency and productivity of ASML’s software development developers. Often this involves identifying and investigating means to exploit the benefits of Model Driven Engineering and its possible deployment in ASML.
Slides MPS and mbeddr presentation by Markus Voelter

Lecture Internet of Things

Date & Location Wednesday 8 October 2014 @ De Zwarte Doos, TU/e, Room 1.03
Title The Internet of Things: Cool technologies and scary business models
Schedule 17:30 Reception18:00 Dinner19:30 Lecture by Koen Holtman, Philips Research, followed by drinks (until 22:00)
Synopsis The Internet of Things is a vision of the future stating that all things will become connected to the Internet. The Internet of Things is also a huge hype: according to Gartner, this hype is now at its peak of inflated expectations. Even if we go beyond the hype to a more fact-based view, the Internet of Things remains exciting.In the first part of this talk, I consider technology. I give an overview of the most important technical developments that can help the Internet of Things. Then I share some of our experiences at Philips in advancing one specific cool technology: high-reliability low-cost wireless communication.In the second part, I discuss the business models that dominate the embryonic Internet of Things now, and make predictions about what will happen in future. Some versions of the hype predict that Internet-native business models will eventually disrupt every sector of the ‘things’ economy. In practice, product-centric companies will have to change some of their ways of working. They will have to face new competitors, but they are not doomed from the start. The system architecture of the future Internet of Things will be interesting, but maybe not beautiful. It will be shaped by competitive forces, and by the fact that the general public remains unwilling to pay for anything purely digital.