XOOTIC Lecture Industry 4.0 survey results

Dear all, last XOOTIC lecture we gathered your opinion to judge how fun and informative the event was. We will of course use this as input for the next lecture, but also wanted to share it with you. Here are some highlights. First, content:

A bit over half of you knew the topic before attending the lecture. The overall satisfaction was under par for our standards, mainly because you rightfully expected more content and real life examples, instead of high level marketing speak. We will pay attention to this for our next lecture.

Then on the practicality side:


Most of you came for both a mix of social and lecture topic, which is what we hoped for (The “Other”  reason was dinner :)). The room was seen as ok, but for the back row things were hard to see. And finally, the dinner was very well received, which I can only agree with. We hope you like this bit of insight in the lecture survey!